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                Introduction of Adblue
What is Adblue?
    Adblue is clear, colorless, tasteless non- toxic transparent liquid, which made from 32.5% high purity urea and pure water. Adblue is high quality nitrogen oxygen eliminating agent, used in selective catalytic reduction system to reduce nitrogen oxides of diesel vehicle exhaust.  Also, Adblue is a kind of solution with non explosive, non flammable and no damage to the environment. Adblue can be classified as the lowest risk categories of transport liquid , it belong to non dangerous good, also has no any harm to skin.
How it works?
    Filling the Adblue as simple as fueling vehicles, filling Adblue to a special storage container of diesel vehicles. After the waste gas exhausted from the engine, Adblue will transit into diesel exhaust catalytic converter, and then translate nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water. That will effective to reduce the particulate emissions, ensure the vehicle emissions to meet the city standard, and effectively reduce fuel consumption.
  • Scope of application
  1. Imported diesel car such as Bens Blue TEC GL320 / GL350 / GL550, Audi Q7, Volvo, Ford F150, F350, F450、F650、CDI、Blue Tec, Volkswagen Touareg, etc.
  2. Euroand Euro emissions of diesel such as Scania.
  3. Benz Actors commercial trucks such as Actors series, Axor series, Atego series, Unimog series and Zetros series.
  4. Domestic Brands Euro V and Euro VI trucks and bus, such as Cummins , Renault, Renault, Yuchai, Weichai, Fukuda, Xichai, etc.

What is SCR system?
    SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) represents a kind of selective catalytic reduction technology, what suitable forselective catalytic reduction technology of heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, used for exhaust after-treatment. Through the test of the market, SCR is the most economical way in in nitrogen oxide emission reduction scheme.
    In the other side, after using SCR technology, which is beneficial to reduce thesolid particles of emissions, which mean is reduce PM 2.5,  this is chief culprits cause haze weather in polluted cities such like Beijing.
  • System composition & principle
     The main part of selective catalytic reduction technology is the catalyst, injector, liquid storage tank and feed controller. The urea being heated reaction with water become to ammonia, the harmful nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas reacts with ammonia into harmless nitrogen and water.
SCR selective catalytic reduction reaction principle diagram as follows
       SCR reaction equation as follow
         NH2-CO-NH2 = NH3 + HNCO
         HNCO + H2O = NH3 + CO2
         4NH3 + 4NO + O2 = 4N2 + 6 H2O
         8NH3 + 6NO2 = 7N2 + 12H2O
    According to the reaction we can see that, nitrogen oxides reduction agent is ammonia(NH3),at the temperature of 300-500℃, urea can be decompose into ammonia in the presence of a catalyst.
SCR system schematic diagram of the assembly in the heavy vehicle
    Adblue is developing with heavy duty diesel vehicle emission regulations getting stricter.Diesel exhaust particulate matter (PM)and nitrogen oxides (NOX) are the two main source of automobile exhaust pollution. For nitrogen oxides, Europe United States and Japan mainly adopts the post-processing techniques are SCR and EGR+DPF. In Europe and Japan to main use SCR, United State also start using SCR in an all- round way after 2010. As reducing agent  of SCR system, vehicle urea solution products has been to become an emerging industry, which have a complete supply system. Europe and United State and other countries are also standardize production technology and application specification for Adblue.
    Comparison the characteristics of SCR and EGR+DPF post-processing techniques, considering the continuity of technology and domestic diesel quality , SCR technology is more fit for the requirement of diesel development in China. China has already type approval of the city IV emission standard that      heavy-duty diesel engine all must using SCR technology.SCR tail treatment system has become the inevitable choice of heavy-duty diesel vehicles in China, which will drive the development of Adblue industry.
PS. At present,the common use international standards isISO22241 ( the highest standard of international industry) DIN700070(the highest standard of German industry), AUS32( the highest standard of Australia industry) and JIS K 2247-1( the highest standard of Japan). In 2013, China formally implement national standard of the vehicle urea solution, which is GB 29518-2013, diesel engine NOx agent urea aqueous solution (AUS 32).



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