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Congratulations Guangzhou Everblue Chemicals Co., Ltd. website upgrade was successful

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Congratulations Guangzhou billion Lu Jie Chemical Co., Ltd. website upgrade was successful¡£¡£¡£

Guangzhou billion Lu Jie Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Zengcheng City, Guangzhou Development Zone, is a production vehicle urea solution and filling equipment with high-tech enterprises. Australia introduced a complete set from the production process and quality control system, advanced automated production, filling and testing equipment, with an annual output 300,000 tons urea solution vehicle, is currently the most mature technology and most advanced production car urea solution enterprises.

Guangzhou billion Lu Jie Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional production of automotive urea solution and filling equipment, high-tech enterprise, car, also known as urea adblue, automotive urea, urea environmentally friendly cars, diesel exhaust treatment solution, mainly used in diesel engines gas treatment.


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