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The development status of vehicle emission standards in the four urea solution

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 In July 1st, many questioned and argued voice, Nanjing, Qingdao, Chengdu and other multiple city have announced on schedule the implementation of four national standards. Although the country's four policy in the nationwide comprehensive implementation will take some time, but the vanguard already stepped out of the most difficult step, as long as you have enough courage and perseverance, will certainly be able to cross this bridge in four. Implementation of the "country of four" command has been issued, the specific implementation involves what problem? Because of the influence of national conditions, oil and other factors, China's main line upgrade in four by SCR, and in the SCR line, add car with urea solution becomes the key to reach the discharge standard of China IV. Thus, the domestic vehicle status of urea solution determines the country four can really implement and the implementation of specific effect.

July 1, 2013 is a very special moment of commercial vehicle industry. It began in July 1st, traffic exhibit of lanterns lit up red, all are not up to the standard in four commercial vehicle will not pass. Manufacturers, enterprises, oil companies and related products manufacturers are staring at the traffic light, hope the first time can change to take action, the layout of the market. With the four closely related to automobile urea attracted a lot attention.
Then, the four essential diesel car with urea solution is the convenience of the drivers always add? In the four implementation issues, vehicle urea dosing equipment not perfect has been the industry as one of the four "Hurdles" block. Domestic car with urea solution there is no supply system perfect, satisfy the vehicle can timely add urea solution is a big problem, establish the urea solution supply system perfect, to solve this problem to ensure the normal supply of urea solution.
At present Guangzhou yilujie chemical EB car with urea solution products are 10L, `15L, 210L packaging and 1000L packaging IBC tons barrels packaging. Promotion of urea present domestic cars, mainly in small packaging, part of the company will adopt the IBC tons of barrels, with filling pump. China does not have the construction conditions of early filling station, according to the mature European cars with urea extension pattern is expected to at least 3-5 years, domestic filling station will not appear on a large scale. Small packaging promotion for the promotion of domestic car with urea form, can meet the demand in four diesel engine.
Automobile urea on the temperature requirements more stringent, in -11 ℃ below will appear crystal. This problem causes the truck driver's attention. The truck driver perennial on both sides of the Changjiang River around, extremely cold areas of North China may make the vehicle urea crystals appear, this phenomenon to the truck driver transport stroke causing distress. Small package car with urea solution can avoid low temperature crystallization in the indoor storage, and in the SCR system of automobile assembly, storage tank with urea solution with the function of thermal insulation storage car, at the same time the system is equipped with a heating device, can prevent the crystallization of the product under low temperature environment, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system.
Although the road is long, but the car has been actively exploring solutions and implementation method using urea enterprises, automobile urea product can break down barriers, perfect power of SCR post processing technique, sweeping the country four implementation of the "stumbling block".
The car with urea solution needs to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of high cost, long term. The four implementation to truck market a powerful shock. As a result of increased costs, country four trucks increased about 3-4 million yuan, this makes many consumers can not be accepted, the implementation of country four area dealers in "country four nobody buy, country three can not sell" embarrassing situation. While in the country of four trucks upgrade costs, also occupy a space for one person with urea solution car.
Car owners with urea solution caused by the additional cost is the industry more concern. The problem of how to view the car with urea increased costs, the impact on vehicle performance and fuel products, data from the statistical point of view, although the cost increase caused by urea solution car, but in the long run, the four engine fuel injection more fully, vehicle fuel consumption will decline to lower fuel consumption, can mitigate or offset cost pressures.
From the macro level to upgrade the country four emission standard is a major event related to human development, the diesel car users need to have the right attitude, rational view of the four product cost increase, prices rise this problem. And the most important is the need of car enterprises and supporting enterprises work together to minimize the terminal user price pressure, weigh a customer satisfaction results between environmental protection and the people.

    Product quality strict control, to improve market supervision. At present the domestic automobile urea production technical threshold is not high, easy to cause the domestic automobile urea product quality uneven. About urea for car standards, foreign standards relatively early, while domestic early only Beijing and Shenzhen two local government regulations, China's car by national standard urea is in July 1, 2013, just the implementation of the "diesel engine NOx reduction agent -- urea water solution (AUS32)".
How to implement the relevant policies of the state standard, improve vehicle urea access threshold, and improve the quality of the products is the eye off by urea market problem urgently to be solved. Guangzhou yilujie chemical, the use of high-quality natural gas urea as raw material, adopting imported Australian production technology, relying on the technical support of Holland Stamicarbon company, EB brand car with urea solution has the quality of products and international brands.
Strict control of product quality is a very important work, need supervision and restriction of the relevant department of the state. It is understood, Guangzhou yilujie chemical increase laboratory construction, at the same time online monitoring of the entire vehicle production process of urea, strictly to ensure the EB brand automobile urea products can meet the domestic requirements. EB brand car with urea solution advantage lies in the implementation of ISO22241 international standards the most advanced, production process and quality inspection standards are very strict. Yilujie chemical to customers with portable test equipment corresponding, convenient for the customer to detect relevant indexes of products, customers with the rest assured that with the peace of mind.

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