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According to the company development and business needs, is now facing a number of social recruitment marketing director, welcome people to join us.


Job description and requirements:

1 There are more than two years of automotive supplies, automotive parts industry sales experience, online sales experience is preferred.

(2) a successful business-to-business sales case, there are high-level contacts with the client-side experience in the designated areas have a certain customer relationships.

3 college education, cheerful, motivated, strong sense of team, have a strong desire for success.

4 Good computer skills, understanding of the business records management. Familiar with the bidding process, such as preparing bidding documents, making PowerPoint presentations and related foreground.

5 business changes concern peers, in a timely manner to provide the industry's main competitor intelligence and the status quo.

6 keen sense of smell on the market, flexible, good use of various channels for market expansion.

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