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Employees are one hundred million Lu Jie survival and development of the foundation. Good staff , bringing good products and good service . Brand employees , creating brands.

      Companies adhere to the people-oriented , advocating "I promote enterprise development, enterprise innovation platform for me ," the concept of talent . Selection Chung Tak , employers with energy, educating people because of material to keep people with love, is our talent ; healthy, happy , positive, science is our work ethic ; health , enjoy their work , to get the real fun of life . We strive to create a conducive talents a good atmosphere for the healthy growth and building a high-quality, high- skill, high loyalty of the workforce, to achieve the company 's human resources strategy to provide reliable protection .
      The development of more than one hundred million Lu Jie interests of individuals and businesses combined , it is that we can share the ideals and values ​​, which will be to promote the development and growth of one hundred million road clean source of energy .
      We know that only people are the most valuable resource, one hundred million Lu Jie provide you with a broad space for career development , eager to grow with you .
      Development of one hundred million Lu Jie invite you to join !

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