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2011 , car ownership in China has more than 100 million total , becoming the world's largest automobile production country , followed by the grim situation of automobile exhaust emissions . July 1, 2013 , the Chinese government began to implement national IV emission standards, China 's emission reduction process is accelerating. The implementation of China IV emission standards for the diesel generator SCR technology provides an important opportunity for promotion . SCR technology with matching car urea solution - Diesel engine NOx reducing agent , has become many car manufacturers and users must products.

        Therefore, the car industry is a market with unlimited urea industry , we look forward to every lofty vision of insight to work with one hundred million Lu Jie , and grow together.


       For every one joined one hundred million Lu Jie dealer , we will provide a full range of support .
       1 brand support :

       EB brand car with urea solution , technology from Australia , strict screening control of raw materials and packaging materials to ensure that each batch of manufactured products are in line with ISO22241 and GB29518 standards. All dealers can visit one hundred million road -cleaning plant , to experience one hundred million Lu Jie is how to control every step of the product , so that dealers no worries. One hundred million Lu Jie has been working to build the brand image of EB , EB every one dealer can share the benefits of the brand .


       2 Personnel Support:

       One hundred million Lu Jie Hong Kong and Macao regions in the country as well as the laying of a sales network , the company's chief technology officers are engaged in vehicles starting in 2010 with the production of urea and service , they will be based on the different needs of different customers , tailored to each customer create the right marketing program , so that every dealer rapid growth.


       3 Price Support:

       EB can not survive without the support of each and every dealer , every dealer under the protection of each customer , to ensure the dealer's profit maximization, is one hundred million Lu Jie has consistently adhered to the road of development . Distributors for achieving sales targets , when one hundred million in the year-end road cleaning will be rich rewards .


       4 Training Support :

       One hundred million Lu Jie for every dealer to provide adequate technical support and training , in cooperation early one hundred million Lu Jie will dealer product knowledge training , it quickly master the relevant knowledge ; process in the operation , one hundred million Lu Jie will be provided to the appropriate regional retail dealer channel for its construction and sales skills will give extensive support .


       Join conditions :




1 , agree one hundred million Lu Jie marketing system , approved EB brand, comply with the provisions of joining ;


2 , good business reputation , integrity management ;


3 , with a strong sense of professionalism , courage , interested in environmental protection in the automotive industry to create their own business, willing to work with one hundred million road -cleaning chemical and common development ;


4, with the appropriate sales channel network , able to quickly build sales and distribution team ;


5 , in the automotive repair industry or gas stations, auto parts and other industries have good connections ;


6 , an independent corporation , has to meet the requirements of warehouse space , a fixed place of business and marketing team ;


7, the start-up capital 500,000 or more, there is more than one transport service vehicles ;

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